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Chemicals Coffee Time Newsflash 15-02-2023 – Titanium Dioxide Appeal by France

Dear friend,

Just wanted to let you know that France has launched an appeal on this ruling, see https://www.ecologie.gouv.fr/france-continue-defen… (you will have to choice to translate this website into English if you’re using Chrome as a browser).

Looks like this could be a protracted battle, although as Gabriele Scibilia of Flashpoint SRL commented “The “green wind” will hit the wall of scientific common sense!

Many thanks to Yolanda Palacio Fatas of Chemservice Group for asking me about appeals yesterday, and to Samuel Charbonnier of Imerys who provided the link to the official announcement, showing how useful LinkedIn can be.

There are no details on what the French grounds for appeal are, although I understand that there the European Court of Justice’s ruling gave a limited number of grounds for an acceptable appeal. Watch this space!

Kind regards,


Janet Greenwood

TT Environmental Ltd

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