Quick Consultancy Calls

If you have a specific chemical regulations problem which needs sorting out quickly, we can help you on a confidential pre-paid Zoom meeting, and you’ll get a copy of the call afterwards as a record.

We have two meeting types:

  • 30 Minute Problem-Solving Call. Not sure about a CLP classification from your software, or provided by a supplier? Get a second opinion here!  Also good for overviews of a particular chemical regulation, such as CLP-GHS, COMAH, Environmental Permit etc.  (£120 including VAT, £100 plus £20 VAT)
  • 60 minute Strategy Meeting, to resolve longer questions such as whether your business is in scope of a particular regulation, or what products in your range may be affected by that regulation (£192 including VAT, £160 plus £32 VAT)

You can add colleagues to the meeting as well, it’s not just for one to ones.

Meetings are strictly confidential, (as per our Terms and Conditions) and you can attend by video (preferred for screen sharing) or phone, and we provide a recording of the call afterwards.    If you need a discussion under the extra protection an NDA or Confidentiality Agreement, please email before making the booking.

“We just wanted to thank you again for all the great information on how to use the information for classification on the ECHA website.  That will really help as we go forward.” Brenda Spiegel, Petroncorp, USA

To book, please select the meeting type, say what it’s about, pay via card, and I’ll see you inside Zoom. (Remember to include your email address in the transaction, so we can contact you, and you can receive your VAT invoice).

If you prefer to use Teams, please book via this page: https://www.ghsclassificationcourses.com/home/quick-consultancy-calls-teams/ .

By the way, if you’ve got an urgent request, or you’re outside the UK’s time zone and these times don’t suit your work pattern, drop me an email and we’ll try to find a time which works for us both.