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Our newsletter, currently called “Coronavirus Chemicals update” comes out on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays (I’ve cut down from every working day!).

It’s a mix of useful chemical regulatory information (mainly around CLP, REACH, and what’s going on with Brexit), opinion pieces on chemical safety, interesting snippets about chemistry and science, and plenty of things to keep you cheerful like the weekend recipe, links to funny memes and videos, news from our readers about their gardens and pets etc.

You can view some of the newsletter publicly, go to the newsletter page here:, find the right hand search box (which says “all posts”), scroll down and select “public newsletter”, and it’ll bring up the ones which are open access.

Our readers are mainly HSE managers and Regulatory Affairs specialists in the chemical and chemical-using industries.  Some people are working from home, and may be there for some time to come, others are back at work.

Your lockdown bulletins are the highlight of my week. Nice mix of informative information and humour/light touch” Mick Wragg, Lubrizol.

Thank you for sharing all these information with us, your optimism and good sense is something that lift the spirit and I always look forward to read from you”  Claudia Salvetti, Flashpoint S.R.L.

Thank you for your daily blog, enjoyable as always” David Bond, David Bond Ltd.

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Coronavirus Chemicals Update


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