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Newsflash – BDO/GBL application deadline today – advice on the process

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Some very useful information on how to go about applying for a licence via a CHCS email, copy here: CHCS email on BDO & GBL 11-02-2022.pdf

And one of our readers writes:

I’ve had dealings with this particular issue before! Not in a direct drugs way, but in the precursors.

There are two lists effectively, and it depends on the quantity held and their final purpose, which drops you into one of the two classes that require a permit. There’s a lovely clause in the fine print that states that if the material is in a product it can not be easily recoverable. That’s very subjective, and my advice from the government department was to apply anyway, and it may be revoked during inspection/compliance checks.

For example, we order piperidine and used it (until I forced a change to evade this permit). It’s related to ordering/purchasing quantities per annum – and the country /source of origin needs to be accounted for. In my case 500ml of piperidine per year is permitted without notice, but more does. The waste stream in my case was easily recoverable (because I’m a chemist and can use a rotor-vap and a TLC). You have a to account for every mL of material, so tracking/logging is required. A total pain!

The two-month notice is ridiculous, as the permit holder must have a CBS check, which takes at least 6-8 weeks to complete, and the permit takes another 4-6 to issue! It’s noted in the permit application that failure to get the CBS is the main reason why they reject applications.

Our reader has also made a video showing the process, and mentioning some pitfalls he’s come across, which you can find below this newsletter.

Hope this helps if you are affected, and thank you to everyone for passing this information on.

Feel free to share this page with anyone who needs it.

Kind regards,


Janet Greenwood

TT Environmental Ltd

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