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About the Chemicals Coffee Time Archive

Welcome to the Chemicals Coffee Time Archive! Here you can find all our previous weekly editions (including when the newsletter was called “Coronavirus Chemicals Update”).  We also have the Chemicals Coffee Time Monthly articles which are available via LinkedIn; and some summary articles which collate information on important topics from several newsletters.

The Chemicals Coffee Time Monthly and summary articles are available publicly in the “Free Articles” category (and also in the month they were published).  Our lovely subscribers have access to the public and private information, and if you’d like to join us you can sign up here https://www.ghsclassificationcourses.com/home/newsletter-sign-up/

Every newsletter and article is stored by year and month, so please use the search function to find what you’re looking for.

We are very lucky to have readers who want to comment on and discuss the newsletter, so if there is anything you want to add, or any corrections to make to our discussions in the newsletter, we’d be delighted to hear from you and give your opinions a platform (although the Editor’s decision is final).  Please email janet@ttenvironmental.co.uk

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