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2022-09-26 New Sketchnote for Corrosive Mixtures in Module 7

All About Corrosive Mixture Classification

2022-08-28 New documents for Module 7 https://www.ghsclassificationcourses.com/courses/clp-mastery-2/classify-your-product-on-the-basis-of-its-components/

  • Sketchnote – syngergistic effects
  • Full method for Respiratory Corrosion classification
  • EUH statement methods for mixtures containing specific substances
  • Infographic – when to apply EUH210 for mixtures containing CMRs
  • Sketchnotes – health hazards
  • Sketchnotes – environmental hazards
  • Sketchnote – Titanium Dioxide in mixtures

2022-08-26 Updated classification video for Module 7 https://www.ghsclassificationcourses.com/courses/clp-mastery-2/classify-your-product-on-the-basis-of-its-components/  , and updated documents in section 7 of the GHS Knowledgebase after Brexit https://www.ghsclassificationcourses.com/ghs-knowledge-base-post-brexit/7-classify-your-product-on-the-basis-of-its-components/7-0-improved-method-for-classifying-mixtures-2022/

2022-08-25 New FAQ for Bridging Test Data for Classification in the FAQs Section, see https://www.ghsclassificationcourses.com/trainee-bonuses/clp-mastery-faqs/researching-data/all-about-bridging/

2022-08-14 Video from 2nd Monthly Meet-Up on 11th August uploaded (with description and chapters), see https://www.ghsclassificationcourses.com/trainee-bonuses/clp-mastery-monthly-meet-up/.  New FAQ in the FAQs section, How do you get ex EU/UK suppliers to disclose full formulations?

2022-08-11 New Module 7 page in GHS Knowledgebase after Brexit Module 7 at https://www.ghsclassificationcourses.com/ghs-knowledge-base-post-brexit/7-classify-your-product-on-the-basis-of-its-components/7-0-improved-method-for-classifying-mixtures-2022/.

Includes the following new documents relating to the updated mixtures classification method: Collate your mixture classification results; Choosing the mixture classification method for each relevant hazard; Mixture Classification Look-Up Tables; Mixture Classification Calculation Sheets

2022-07-13 6 SDS Pro Formas uploaded to GHS Knowledgebase after Brexit Module 10. 3 EU and 3 UK, for substance, multi-constituent substance and mixture