CLP Mastery,

the online CLP training course you have been waiting for!

A proven step-by-step system for mastering CLP compliance and producing accurate CLP classifications, labels and Safety Data Sheets (without using specialist software).


CLP Mastery has been designed to give you, as someone with responsibility in your business for labelling chemicals for supply, and compiling safety data sheets, the whole picture on the CLP Regulation and the Safety Data Sheet part of REACH, so that you understand all of the requirements of GHS in the EU and the UK.

Obviously, we’ll give you knowledge, that is what you need to do.  And we’ll also help you understand why things work as they do, and how to do it, and how to do it quickly and accurately, using our manual classification forms, look up tables, decision flowcharts, checklists, infographics and screencasts.

So if you’re classifying substances or mixtures yourself using software, you’ll understand what’s going on inside the program, and when manual input may be needed.

Or if you’re importing products from outside the EU, you’ll be able to review the classification, labelling and safety data sheets you’ve been provided with, and make any changes you think are necessary.

And we keep our system up to date, so you know you’re doing things correctly!

This course is for you if you are:

  • already classifying for CLP, and want to know more about what’s going on inside the software you’re using
  • classifying manually for CLP, but you’re not sure if you’re getting it right, or you want a short-cut to getting the answers quickly and accurately
  • someone who’s just starting to classify chemicals for CLP, and you want to understand it thoroughly, so you can do it properly
  • classifying for GHS in other jurisdictions, e.g. USA, Australia, New Zealand, China, and you need to know about how CLP is different from GHS, so you can classify correctly for the EU and the UK

We want to make sure that everyone who signs up is going to benefit directly in their day to day work.

What our students said about our live training course:

“Many thanks for a fantastic course. I learnt a lot and it will help immensely with our products and procedures”. (Ian Lewis, Advanced Colours and Chemicals, 2015)

“Just like to say how much I enjoyed the course.  Very informative and I feel I got a lot from it that I can apply now that I am back in the office”. (Helen Morris, Lambsons, 2015)

“The training was very useful for me even though I was using it for refresher training I still learnt a lot!” (Chris Howard, J1 Technologies Ltd, 2015).

What’s included in CLP Mastery:


Identify your product

How to tell if your product is a substance, mixture or article

Identifying your product under CLP:

  • Substance identification by name and number
  • Mixture identification by trade name and component substances
Check your product is legal

Is your product or its component substances banned or restricted in any way

Does it have liabilities under other chemical regulations such as REACH, PIC etc

Research your product

Gather published classifications for your product or its component substances

Choose which published classification(s) to use

Research data if there are no useable published classifications

Classify your product from first principles

Use the product’s chemistry to screen out potential physical hazards

Use physical and chemical tests to classify physical hazards

Use animal or in vitro test data, read across or modelling to classify health and environmental hazards

Classify your product from its components

Applies to mixtures, or substances containing significant impurities

Use substance thresholds and algorithms for multiple substances to classify for health and environmental hazards

Generate the CLP label (and pack the product)

Take the classification, and use it to produce the labelling information

Lay out the CLP information on the label

Pack the product

Compile the Safety Data Sheet

Compile the Safety Data Sheet using classification and labelling information, and other safety data

Issue the Safety Data Sheet to current and previous customers

Notify your product for CLP

If you are making or importing a substance, notify it to the Classification & Labelling Inventory (unless REACH registered)

If you are making or importing a mixture, does it need Poison Centre notification?

Keep your product up to date

What information may alter your product’s classification, where it comes from

When you need to update your product information

How to keep up to date with all the changes

Bonus 1: Course Maps

You have 5 course maps to choose from:

  • Existing substances
  • New substances
  • Mixtures
  • Articles
  • Complete course
Bonus 2: GHS Knowledgebase

This is a HUGE bonus!

It’s all of the classification system, the forms, decision documents, infographics etc in searchable format

Plus even more information than in the training course – dive even deeper!

Bonus 3: Facebook Group

Support through our private Facebook Group just for CLP Mastery subscribers

Meet your fellow learners, ask questions

You are not alone on this course, we’re here for you!

Bonus 4: VIP Launch Only! Weekly Facebook Lives

  • Janet Greenwood will personally do a series of Facebook lives in the Facebook Group
  • To walk you through the 9 steps and answer any questions you have
  • Some of our live trainees will be taking the online course too.

Here’s Stuart Hutton of Flowcrete, who came on the live training course in 2018:

The context of the course has provided myself with the ability and competence to be able to relate this back to my organization and the software currently used to facilitate SDS formation; deciphering the complex algorithms of the software and how it establishes its conclusions.

Being able to produce the SDS the “old school” way (paper and pencil) I believe will stand be in good stead and is of particular importance in understanding the purpose and ultimately; potential consequences, of not being able to produce a compliant and relevant SDS.

Our guarantee: If the course isn’t for you, or you don’t like it, we will fully refund you during the first 30 days, no questions asked.

We want everybody who takes the course to be happy that it’s the right thing for them to do.

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Full access to CLP Mastery, and all the bonuses and support, for 1 person for one year for a single payment.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I get access straight away?

Yes, you do, although we’re still finishing off some modules, and will release them as soon as we can.

How long do I get access for?

CLP Mastery is like a 9 week course with 52 weeks of support.

You get full access for 1 year as a trainee.

After that, you can:

  • choose to become one of our GHS Knowledgebase Subscribers, with continued access to everything for a small fee;
  • or you can download the documents you need, as they are at that time and have access to them forever (although we can’t guarantee they’ll stay up to date!).

CLP changes so much every year that we couldn’t give “lifetime access” because we’d go out of business (which would mean we couldn’t help any more people).

Having the ongoing subscription supports keeping everything up to date, and lets our trainees have access to the most up to date information, like we have.

Can I download the course material?

Yes you can, for your own use, for things you need for CLP compliance in your business.

We have the course in video, audio and pdf form, so you can choose which format(s) you’d like to use.

Do you update the course?

Oh yes!  We try to respond as quickly as we can to changes like new Substances of Very High Concern, or updates to CLP legislation, and we email everyone to let them know when it’s happened.

We also love suggestions on how we can improve, although some things may be impractical to implement.

If I have a question that crops up, how do I get it answered?

Just ask your question in the Facebook group, but remember other people can see this, so you may want to anonymise some information if it’s commercially sensitive.

If you’re not on Facebook, it’s easy to set up a log-in, and if you don’t want to do that, we’re happy to receive and answer questions by email but we WILL publish them in the group, so everyone can learn together (so you’ll need to anonymise them before you email them over to us). Questions answered by email may take longer than in the Facebook Group.

How long does it take to go through the course?

It depends on what you need to know about CLP compliance:

  • if you need to know everything, it can take quite a while
  • if you just need to know about a few things, e.g. classifying mixtures, it would take less time

We recommend you use your course map, and do one of your modules a week.  There are 9 modules, and the minimum number is likely to be 6.

Of course, the beauty of a self-service course is that you can go through as quickly or slowly as you like, or need.

How soon will I see results?

You should see results after each module, as soon as you start to do the work and implement what each module shows you to do.

You could just skip to the classification section, and do those plus the labelling section, and get up to speed in a couple of working days, but we don’t recommend it.

It’s much better to work through the modules one step at a time, we’ve designed it that way for a reason!

Do I get a certificate from taking this course?

If you work through all the modules which are relevant to you (depending on which Course Map you’re following), there is an option to apply for a Certificate of Completion, just like we had for our live training course.

We’ll be discussing this in the Facebook Live when the course starts.

Who is this course for?

CLP Mastery has been designed for people:

  • already classifying chemicals, or writing safety data sheets, or about to start doing this
  • or working with someone who is classifying chemicals or writing safety data sheets
  • or are already working in the chemical or chemical-using industries and want to extend your skill set into CLP compliance

It may not be for you if:

  • you aren’t going to classify chemicals or write safety data sheets as part of your job,
  •  you don’t have access to in-house chemical information to enable you to practice on real-life data
  • you’re looking for a course unrelated to your current skill set

Do I need to be a chemist or toxicologist to take this course?

Great question!  You don’t need to be an industrial chemist or toxicologist.

Ideally, you need GCSE Chemistry or Science as a minimum.  If you’ve got A level Chemistry, or a relevant degree, even better.  The course has been designed for people of a wide range of experiences and abilities.

We also point out where you may want to “ask a chemist”, if you aren’t one yourself.

We’ve trained many non-chemists to classify on our live course, and our system does work!

Does it help to be a nerd?

Ok, you’ve got me there! I’m definitely a nerd 🙂 !

What we’ve found is that it’s important to have a logical brain, and to do things consistently.

It’s no use having a degree in chemistry if you’re a scatterbrain whose mind jumps from one thing to the next, and you can’t focus properly.

On the other hand, some of our successful trainees are naturally logical and organised, even though they only did chemistry at school, and they can put together a good quality label and Safety Data Sheet easily using our system.

And it also helps if you love Excel! (oops, that’s the nerdy bit of me talking again).

You can also other spreadsheet packages, a calculator, or even pen and paper for the calculations.  We’ll walk you through them all, in fact we’ve broken down the really complicated calculations into bite sized pieces, to make them as easy as possible.

Is the 30 day guarantee genuine?

Yes, it is, I stand behind the quality of my course 100%.

The course is for people who are, or who will be, involved in CLP compliance, and we try to ensure only people working in this area sign up.

However, sometimes people don’t “gel” with the training, and we’d rather refund than have people feel bad.

Important: the guarantee is only for 30 days.  1 minute after midnight on Day 31 is too late! (But we’ll email you a reminder beforehand).