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Quick Consultancy Calls

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If you have a specific chemical regulations problem which needs sorting out quickly, we can help you on a confidential pre-paid Teams or Zoom meeting, and you’ll get a copy of the call afterwards as a record.

“We just wanted to thank you again for all the great information on how to use the information for classification on the ECHA website.  That will really help as we go forward.” Brenda Spiegel, Petroncorp, USA

To book, please select the meeting type, say what it’s about, pay via card, and we’ll see you inside Zoom. (Remember to include your email address in the transaction, so we can contact you, and you can receive your VAT invoice).

If you’ve got an urgent request, or you’re outside the UK’s time zone and these times don’t suit your work pattern, drop me an email and we’ll try to find a time which works for us all.

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20 minute call


including VAT

A pre-paid Zoom or Teams call for 20 minutes with Janet Greenwood or Alison Potts.

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1 hour call


including VAT

A pre-paid Zoom or Teams call for 1 hour with one or both of our consultants (depending on the nature of your query).

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Since we started offering Quick Consultancy calls in January 2021, we’ve covered a wide range of topics around chemical regulations, including UK-REACH, CLP in both the EU and UK, Poison Centre Notification, and chemical environmental regulations such as Environmental Permitting and COMAH.

More details here: List of Quick Consultancy Call Topics, January 2021 – mid 2022, TT Environmental .

These calls are ideal for one-off queries, and as a starting point to more detailed projects.

Who will I speak to?

On a 20 minute call, it’s usually Janet Greenwood, but it may be Alison Potts instead, if you’ve got a query which she has more expertise in (e.g. classification software, GHS outside the EU/ UK).

On a 1 hour call, it may be either or both consultants, depending on the nature of your enquiry.

If you know who you’d like to speak to, please mention that when you book.

Is this confidential?

All of our calls are confidential, but if you need us to sign an NDA, we’re happy to do that as well, (1 hour calls only).

Can I bring colleagues to the meeting?

Of course, it’s your choice.  For some issues, it can better to have everyone “in the room” at the same time.

The way to do this is to forward them the calendar invite once you’ve received it.  If they accept it, we can see their email addresses (for sending links to the recording etc).  If they can’t accept the invite but are attending, please let us have their email addresses separately.

Can I get a transcript of the meeting as well as the video link?

Yes, if it’s a Teams meeting, but please let us know when you book so we don’t forget to set it up.

Can I download the video?

Yes, it’s hosted in Dropbox and you can download to your system from the link we provide.