CLP Mastery trainee?

keep up to date by subscribing to the GHS Knowledgebase and…

You’ll also get access to CLP Mastery, the full online package and all the juicy bonuses!

You’re already using our classification and safety data sheet system, whether that’s to classify all of your products from scratch, or to check that your classification and SDS software is up to date.

Now you can keep up to date with all the changes we make over the course of a single year!  These changes include:

  • technical updates to the system documents due to formal changes in CLP
  • non-technical updates to the forms, flowcharts and infographics and checklists
  • additions to the Harmonised Classifications spreadsheet, as new Harmonised Classifications are proposed, and existing ones are altered
  • Brexit changes, proposed and actual
  • other upgrades to the overall training course and CLP system to make it even better

Your GHS Knowledgebase Subscription includes:

GHS Knowledgebase

24×7 access to this website, including the GHS Knowledgebase

CLP Mastery training course

24×7 access to the new CLP training course, CLP Mastery, currently being put online, including all the bonuses

Support via our private CLP Mastery Facebook Group

Q&A support on CLP issues through the year via the private Facebook group for CLP Mastery

You can also choose to join the Accountability Programme, when it’s available, which is our 12 week programme with weekly Zoom meetings and a private Slack group.

The GHS Knowledgebase Subscription is only available to people who’ve been through our live training course or online training course.

You are our VVIPs!  Thank you for continuing to work with us.

Which subscription type would you prefer?

GHS Knowledgebase Subscription for 1 year


(plus VAT)

Single payment

  • GHS Knowledgebase for 1 year
  • CLP Mastery Self Serve for 1 year
  • ALL updates, including email notification
  • Support via FB Group and email
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GHS Knowledgebase Subscription with Accountability Programme for 1 year


(plus VAT)

Single payment

  • GHS Knowledgebase for 1 year
  • CLP Mastery with Accountability Programme for 1 year
  • ALL updates, including email notification
  • Support via FB Group and email; and via the Accountability Programme via Slack group when it’s running
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Frequently asked questions:

Do I really get full access to CLP Mastery as well as the GHS Knowledgebase?

Yes, you do, the whole shebang!

Why is this called the GHS Knowledgebase Subscription if we get access to CLP Mastery as well?

The GHS Knowledgebase came first, as a way of keeping our “live” trainees up to date with all of the changes with CLP.

So we had the GHS Knowledgebase Subscription first, before CLP Mastery was even written, and we needed to call the Subscription something, so we’ve stuck with this!

If you have a better name for this, please let us know.

Who can purchase a GHS Knowledgebase Subscription?

This is ONLY for people who’ve been through either our live CLP training course, or the online training course.

If someone signs up by accident, we will contact them to see if they want to upgrade to a full online training course subscription.

If they don’t, we will remove them from our systems.

Thank you for keeping this page link private.

Is there a 30 day money back guarantee for this subscription?

There isn’t a guarantee, because its for our existing trainees, so you should already know what you’re getting.

If you haven’t had the training for several years, and would like more information before purchasing, please contact us for an online demo. Email .