CLP Mastery Monthly Meet-Ups 2022

This is the archive for the 2022 Monthly Meet-Ups

Monthly Meet-up 6, 8th December 2022


Topics discussed:

  • 0:00 Transport question on Toxics Packing Group 2 by air freight.
  • 25:07 Colour and packing plus sign on PCN due to IUCLID6 update (see screenshot below)
  • 27:12 IUCLID6 Server version issues due to recent update
  • 27:50 ECHA website outage on 7th – 8th December – it was a form of Cyberattack, details here:

Screenshot of PCN tree where you need to “roll over” the correct part of the screen to view the plus sign to add in information (many thanks to Chris Unsworth for this)

Monthly Meet-Up 5, 10th November 2022

Another meeting with 2 main questions. The first one from Chris Unsworth is about how to deal with Biocide SDSs where there are individual labels for each EU member state, because of different P statement choices required by individual Competent Authorities. There are a number of sub-topics covered in this, which was answered by Alison.
The second one, from Emmanuel Wiredu, is about what options there are to take your career forward in Regulatory Affairs, from 51:46 onwards. Janet answered this question.

Monthly Meet-up 4, 13th October 2022


This is a meeting of two halves: the first covers Trevor Sibanda’s question about how best to generate EU-format SDSs when he can’t afford to use new software; and the second half, from 34:36:00 onwards, covers a regulatory double-bind for some substances which are being updated in the EU Harmonised Classification List, but which have not yet been updated for GB-MCL.

These were both really busy topics, so use the chapters in the video to navigate to what you’re interested in.

Monthly Meet-up 3, 15th September 2022


Topics discussed

  • 00:00.0     Meeting intro
  • 02:09.1     Melamine restriction and proposed new classification- has it happened yet?
  • 18:31.6     Which REACH dossier to choose if more than one
  • 19:46.0     Discrepancies on data between China and EU on aquatic toxicity tests
  • 21:22.2     China’s Mandatory Classification List (SAWS list)
  • 23:08.0     Do you need a UFI for an environmental classified product with an EUH statement as well?
  • 24:41.6     No requirement to list titanium dioxide on EUH211 and EUH212 labels
  • 28:06.3     Can you make a single UFI for multiple colours in a range?
  • 31:43.0     Hello to Emmanuel Wiredu from Germany! (no questions)
  • 33:16.0     Is packaging an inner or a liner? and implications for CLP labelling
  • 40:34.0     Lisam software experiences from Chris Unsworth
  • 48:47.1     Should we use SCLs for on-CLP jurisdictions, and how to cover yourself under H&SWA if disagree with management
  • 03:18.5     Meeting wrap up

Information referred to in video:

  • Guidance on using PCN

Monthly Meet-Up 2, 11th August 2022

  • 0:00.00 intro – Janet Greenwood, Ali Potts, Chris Unsworth, Emmanuel Wiredu present
  • 06:16.00 Chris asks several questions
  • 09:01.72 Classifying Acute Tox 5 when your data values only state >2,000 mg/kg (see first link below)
  • 14:40.00 Do biocides hold extra LD50 data in their ECHA dossiers? (not if adjuvants etc)
  • 15:17.00 When to use Harmonised/ Mandatory classifications (see second link below)
  • 19:12.05 Winnie Montenegro-Kourthen joins the meeting
  • 19:52.48 Emmanuel asks how do you get ex EU/UK suppliers to disclose full formulations for REACH compliance purposes?
  • 25:31.82 Winnie asks what the situation is with Substance Volume Tracking in complex supply chains where sister companies can’t give her SVT data (from Japan, substance being made internally, formulated externally and re-purchased)
  • 36:19.11 is this session really about anything? yes, if it relates to chemical regulation/ trade
  • 38:06.94 Emmanuel asks what to do if there’s an OR handling REACH SVT, but what should the Importer do about other non-REACH regulations like drug precursors which also require disclosure?
  • 42:47.24 Janet – both Emm and Winnie can resolve information issues by including it in their conditions of purchase
  • 48:33.00 Emmanuel – what if the supplier claims the substance is a sample, or too small to give full information?
  • 49:50.00 demonstration of new Module 7 method for classifying mixtures – much easier (see third link below)
  • 1:10:42.12 wrapping up the meeting

Useful links:

Monthly Meet-Up 1, 14th June 2022

Topics discussed:

  • ask us anything – 02:42 – 5:19
  • EUH208 statements on the label 05:20 – 10:58
  • a look round CLP Mastery After Brexit 10:59 – 22:16
  • the changelog in GHS Knowledgebase After Brexit 22:17 –  22:43 (use this to check for changes in CLP Mastery and the GHS Knowledgebase since you last logged in)
  • using the new SDS pro formas – how to switch the guidance on and off – 22:44 – 26:55

Sketchnote (draft) – adding EUH208 substances to the “contains” list on the label

Adding EUH208 sensitisers to contains substance liston the label

Download the PDF