Northern Ireland Poison Centre Notification

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Northern Ireland Poison Centre Notification is mandatory, as it is in the EU.

However, notification cannot be made via the EU Portal.

Instead, a compromise has been reached, whereby NI PCN is carried out by:

  • creating an IUCLID6 file, either in desktop IUCLID or the IUCLID cloud facility
  • saving the .i6z file
  • and emailing the .i6z file as is (don’t zip it!) to the National Poisons Information Service, NPIS, using the email address

If you are making PCN to the EU, it is relatively straightforward to download your i6z files to your laptop (for example) and then email them to NPIS.


There is limited UK guidance available here:

You can use the official ECHA guidance for using the IUCLID Cloud to help with this process, see .