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Draft Module 10 Quiz

Welcome to your Module 10 Quiz

What is the function/application of your product and who is it sold to?
Include some information on the pack sizes and types it is available in.

Confidentiality of your risk assessment

Can we discuss your product

Can new substances be formed in storage? During normal use? Or during an incident? Are there any conditions under which new substances may be formed?

Is it possible for the product to change physical state(s) - and what conditions may cause this to happen?
Use the sketchnotes ' The physical format of chemicals' and 'Solid particle size' to help.

Use the sketchnotes 'Product behaviours during an incident' and 'Pollutant behaviours in the environment' to help.

Make sure you include GHS classifications, EUH statements and Other hazards.
Use the document 'SDS Hazard identification' from Module 9 to help.

Consider the potential exposure risks to human health, safety hazard risks (physical - fire/explosion) and environmental exposure.

Consider the individual package supplied. And the product in storage (multiple containers). 
What is the maximum amount someone could be exposed to. 
If you have numerical toxicity values, you could scale it up to visualise how much product a person would have to ingest or inhale to experience detrimental effects. 
Also consider the sketchnote 'Storage risks'

What risk management measures, operational conditions and practical guidance would you recommend to users of your product that would address the possible risks you have identified in your assessment? 
Ensure you have addressed risks that may have severe outcomes, and also risks that are most likely to occur.