The best of both worlds – online and live group training

The CLP Mastery Accountability Programme is a 12 week coaching, accountability and support group to help people go through all 12 modules of CLP Mastery in a team setting, with weekly contact from an experienced CLP trainer, Janet Greenwood.

  • Weekly Zoom meetings, 2:30pm UK time, Wednesdays
  • Private Slack channel to discuss the course and share documents
  • Ask questions about your products, CLP and SDSs
  • Implementation weeks included to help people catch up or dive deeper
  • Take the quiz for each module, and receive your certificate at the end of the programme

The CLP Mastery modules cover all aspects of CLP and SDS compliance in the UK and EU:

  • What you need to know first
  • Identify your product
  • Identify other applicable product regulations
  • Is your product legal?
  • Research your product (and components)
  • Classify your product from first principles
  • Classify your product on the basis of its components
  • Label and pack your product
  • Read and review existing SDSs
  • Compile your SDS
  • Make any notifications required for CLP
  • Keep your product up to date

Our first Accountability Programme ran from September until December 2020, and we’re starting our Fourth Round on 26th January 2022.   There will be 12 meetings, (although it may extend to 13 weeks if we choose to have a week off half way through).

zoom image of trainees and TT Environmental staff

Picture from our last Zoom meeting for the first round of the Accountability Programme

During the last Accountability Programme zoom of 2020, this is what our Accountability trainees said:

Teresa Girasoli (seen in the top right corner of the video image) also wrote about the Accountability Programme:

“I was in charge of the Safety Data Sheet in my previous job. I had some basics knowledge on the matter, plus I learnt how to use a software. I had the feeling that the thing was much more complicated than that, and I started looking for a course. The SDS software house advised me to contact TT Environmental. It was the best advice ever. I discovered a world: not only I was able to perform my tasks and help my company since the first few minutes of videos, but I found out that I really like the regulatory affairs. In facts, I carried on the course also after I left the SDS role, just for myself interests. Now I’m actually thinking to continue my education in this area and, possibly one day, became a professional. This modular course makes you feel as though you’re taken by the hand and led deep into the very details of the CLP and REACh regulation. Janet accurately and kindly guides you through each step. The correction of the quizzes in the Zoom sessions is very helpful, I could really understand my mistakes and learn how to avoid them. Very recommended!!!”

The meeting dates and topics for the next round of the Accountability Programme are here:

CLP Mastery Accountability Programme Round 4

Download the PDF

Here’s how to join:

  1. Sign up for CLP Mastery with the Accountability Programme at (or email to pay on invoice)
  2. Get started with CLP Mastery self-serve, ready for starting on our next round!

If you have any questions about CLP Mastery before you sign up, please email them to

Looking forward to seeing you inside the CLP Mastery Accountability Group!