The CLP Mastery Accountability Programme

The best of both worlds – online and live group training

The CLP Mastery Accountability Programme is a 12 week coaching, accountability and support group to help people go through all 10 Modules of CLP Mastery in a team setting, with weekly contact from an experienced CLP trainer, Janet Greenwood.

  • Weekly Zoom meetings, 1:30pm UK time, Wednesdays
  • Private Slack channel to discuss the course and share documents
  • Ask questions about your products, CLP and SDSs
  • Implementation weeks included to help people catch up or dive deeper
  • Take the quiz for each module, and receive your certificate at the end of the programme

The CLP Mastery modules cover all aspects of CLP and SDS compliance in the UK and EU:

  • What you need to know about CLP First
  • Identify your Product
  • Is your Product Legal?
  • Research Information on your Product
  • Classify your Product from First Principles
  • Classify your Product from its Components
  • Generate Label information for your Product
  • Compile your Safety Data Sheet
  • Make any Notifications required under CLP
  • Keeping the Product up to date

Our first Accountability Programme started on 9th September 2020, and doors are closed until the next round, which is planned to start in January 2021.

Here’s how to join:

  1. Sign up for CLP Mastery with the Accountability Programme at
  2.  Get started with CLP Mastery self-serve, ready for starting on our next round in 2021

If you have any questions about CLP Mastery before you sign up, please email them to

Looking forward to seeing you inside the CLP Mastery Accountability Group!