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keep up to date going forward by subscribing to the GHS Knowledgebase and new version of CLP Mastery

Dear Friend,

It’s great to catch up with you, thanks for your interest.

You’re already used to our classification and safety data sheet system, whether that’s to classify all of your products from scratch, or to check that your classification and SDS software is up to date.

But did you know we’ve completely rewritten our online course CLP Mastery?

  • All the Brexit variances (that we know about!)
  • A brand new practice area
  • 12 modules to split the content into easier-to-consume chunks
  • And online quizzes with immediate feedback automatically, and human follow-up feedback
  • Monthly meet-ups – our Ask Me Anything sessions, with recordings on line (with “chapters” so you can navigate to the most useful bits
  • A brand new FAQs section
  • New, better ways of explaining concepts (I think you’ll really like our new Mixture classification methods)
  • Email support
  • Access for a full year

And we’re running a beta test of the complete new system, with the Accountability Programme, with the first meeting starting on 14th September, finishing just before Christmas.  This has weekly meetings to keep you on track, and allows us to tailor the system to your product range.

The GHS Knowledgebase Subscription is only available to people who’ve been through our live training course or online training course.

You are our VVIPs!

Pay online here, or request an invoice by emailing us. The closing date is Friday 9th September at 5pm, so everyone’s ready to start on Wednesday 14th September.

Self Serve access will be open after that, but not this offer with the accountability programme included.

GHS Knowledgebase Subscription for 1 year (Self Serve)


(plus VAT)
  • GHS Knowledgebase After Brexit for 1 year
  • CLP Mastery Self Serve for 1 year
  • Chemical Regulations And Guidance for 1 year
  • ALL updates to the systems
  • Support via Monthly Meet-Ups and email
Subscribe here!
GHS Knowledgebase Subscription for 1 year (Accountability Programme)


plus VAT
  • GHS Knowledgebase After Brexit for 1 year
  • CLP Mastery Accountability Programme for 1 year – invites to all of the Accountability Programme meetings we run during the year
  • Chemical Regulations And Guidance for 1 year
  • ALL updates to the systems
  • Support via Monthly Meet-Ups and email
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Frequently asked questions:

Do I really get full access to CLP Mastery as well as the GHS Knowledgebase?

Yes, you do, you get access to everything.

Why is this called the GHS Knowledgebase Subscription if we get access to CLP Mastery as well?

The GHS Knowledgebase came first, as a way of keeping our original “live” trainees up to date with all of the changes with CLP.

So we had the GHS Knowledgebase Subscription first, before CLP Mastery was even written, and we needed to call the Subscription something, so we’ve stuck with this!

If you have a better name for this, please let us know.

Who can purchase this subscription?

This is ONLY for people who’ve been through either our live CLP training course, or the online training course.

No-one else.

Is there a 30 day money back guarantee for this subscription?

There isn’t a guarantee, because its for our existing trainees, so you should already know what you’re getting.

If you haven’t had the training for several years, and would like more information before purchasing, please contact us for an online demo,