Coronavirus chemicals update, 16th August 2021

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Happy Monday!

It’s Day 511 of Semi-Lockdown, and the moors around us are magnificently purple as the heather blooms. It does seem to be a particularly good year for the heather, which is very good to see after a couple of poor years following the heather beetle infestation. If only the weather was a bit nicer, we could get out and enjoy them! It’s also bilberry season, although the sheep got into an area where we normally get our berries from, and ate the plants and any berries before the pigeons could get them, never mind people.

UK (GB) REACH consolidated version – an update (already!)

As you might expect, no sooner had I published our in-house version of the UK (GB) REACH regulation, than I discovered that I hadn’t included some amendments from other regulations which affect REACH (many thanks to Nicola Kaye of REACH Law for pointing these out); and there is also an amendment to REACH coming into effect on 30th September 2021, which was published in late July and which I seem to have missed completely (many thanks to Caroline Raine of the NCEC for highlighting this on the CHCS newsletter). So I spent a happy few hours updating our consolidated version yesterday.

The new REACH amendment is here:…

And you can access the updated unofficial consolidated version by signing in to, it’s under the “subscriber rewards” page.

If you haven’t got a log-in to the website, you can sign up here (don’t worry, you won’t get two copies of the newsletter!):…

As I said last Wednesday – “the reason for placing these documents online rather than emailing them out is so that we can update them easily, if there are any errors” – I just didn’t think it would be so soon 🙂 !

By the way, I think there must be an extra amending piece of legislation I’m missing, because the latest UK REACH amendment talks about medical device information in Articles 60 and 62 which isn’t in my version. I’ve looked at all the medical device Brexit regulations, but they don’t seem to amend REACH at all. Please do let me know if you are aware of this issue, including what the underlying amending regulations are, as it would be good to get the unofficial version as correct as possible.

CLP and the Green Deal changes

You may remember that there are some significant alterations to CLP being proposed by the EU, and out for consultation until November 2021, see .

If you’re as busy as I am, you may have looked at the document size and filed it under the “read sometime/ never” pile, so I was pleased to see that a chap called Hans Peter Arp has made a summary of the most important changes here:

Briefly, 3 new classifications are being proposed under CLP:

  • PMT – persistent, mobile and toxic (completely new environmental category)
  • PBT – persistent, bioaccumulative and toxic (currently required to be assessed for many REACH registrations, but not a CLP hazard)
  • ED – endocrine disruptors

Many thanks to Hans Peter for helping with this complex and important area.

Chemistry Corner

A very interesting article on whether the periodic table needs to be redesigned, from New Scientist back in 2019 (picked up from someone on LinkedIn, apologies I didn’t note who, but thanks if it was you who mentioned this):…

Reasons to be cheerful

This week, I’ve chosen The Generation Game, for a bit of nostalgia. We’ll start with a couple of Bruce Forsyth clips: a classic challenge, “meringue basket”:

, from the original show and a funny contestant who steals the show: 

 from when Brucie returned to host the show in the 1990s.

Many thanks to everyone who has contributed to the newsletter today. As usual, if you have anything you’d like to share, please email me and I’ll do my best to include it in the next newsletter.

I hope you and your family and friends are all safe and well, and looking forward to whatever challenges the week ahead may hold, and I’ll write to you again on Wednesday.

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Janet Greenwood