UK (GB) REACH Regulation

Current uk(GB)-REACH regulations

  • The 2019 regulations bring the REACH Regulation (and other chemical legislation) into effect in the whole of the UK:  
  • Amendment 1 in 2019:
  • Amendment 2 in 2019:
  • The 2020 regulation which take Northern Ireland back out under EC control under the Northern Ireland Protocol: 

information relating to GB-REACH

  • GB Substances of Very High Concern List
  • GB Authorisation List
  • GB Restriction List

Processes relating to GB-REACH

  • GB REACH Grandfathering process (for UK-held EU-REACH registrations)
  • GB REACH Downstream User I? Notification (DUIN) (for
  • GB REACH Inquiry process (for imports from outside the EU, or substances requiring a new registration)
  • GB SVHC process
  • GB Authorisation processes
  • GB Restriction process

Changes due to be implemented

  • none that we are aware of

Changes in pipeline

  • none that we are aware of

Geographical area:

  • Mainland GB (that is the United Kingdom, excluding Northern Ireland, which is currently covered by EU regulations under the Northern Ireland Protocol

UK(GB)-REACH Regulations History