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This new version of the GHS Knowledgebase has been written to run in parallel to the new version of CLP Mastery, and hold all of the documents, infographics, spreadsheets etc in one place (which will make it much easier to keep everything up to date).

We have this first admin section, then 12 modules to mirror “new” CLP Mastery:

  • 1 What you need to know first
  • 2 Identify your product
  • 3 Products with special label or SDS information
  • 4 Is your product legal
  • 5 Research your product
  • 6 Classify your product from first principles
  • 7 Classify your product on the basis of its components
  • 8 Label and pack your product
  • 9 Reading and checking Safety Data Sheets
  • 10 Compile your Safety Data Sheet
  • 11 Make any notifications under CLP
  • 12 Keep your product up to date

There’s also an Examples module at the end, where we’ve put the old “chemical classification clinic” videos, and we can put more information on real-life examples in there in the future.

Information on legislation and official guidance has now been moved into the Chemical Regulations And Guidance Knowledgebase, to make things even more straightforward.

To help existing users navigate round, there is a document Old GHS Knowledgebase to New GHS Knowledgebase: (link here)