CLP Mastery,

the online CLP training course you have been waiting for!

A proven step-by-step system for mastering CLP compliance and producing accurate CLP classifications, labels and Safety Data Sheets (without using specialist software).

Written by industrial chemists, for industrial chemists, and people working in industry, who have responsibility for classifying, labelling, packaging and producing Safety Data Sheets.

CLP Mastery has been designed to give you, as someone with responsibility in your business for labelling chemicals for supply, and compiling safety data sheets, the whole picture on the CLP Regulation and the Safety Data Sheet part of REACH, so that you understand all of the requirements of GHS in the EU and the UK.

Obviously, we’ll give you knowledge, that is what you need to do.  And we’ll also help you understand why things work as they do, and how to do it, and how to do it quickly and accurately, using our proprietary system of manual classification forms, look up tables, decision flowcharts, checklists, infographics and screencasts.

So if you’re classifying substances or mixtures yourself using software, you’ll understand what’s going on inside the program, and when manual input may be needed.

Or if you’re importing products from outside the EU, you’ll be able to review the classification, labelling and safety data sheets you’ve been provided with, and make any changes you think are necessary.

And we keep our system up to date, so you know you’re doing things correctly!

This course is for you if you are:

  • already classifying for CLP, and want to know more about what’s going on inside the software you’re using
  • classifying manually for CLP, but you’re not sure if you’re getting it right, or you want a short-cut to getting the answers quickly and accurately
  • someone who’s just starting to classify chemicals for CLP, and you want to understand it thoroughly, so you can do it properly
  • classifying for GHS in other jurisdictions, e.g. USA, Australia, New Zealand, China, and you need to know about how CLP is different from GHS, so you can classify correctly for the EU and the UK

We want to make sure that everyone who signs up is going to benefit directly in their day to day work.

What our students say about CLP Mastery:

CLP Mastery is excellent, very thorough and thoughtfully put together.  Just when I am trying to understand something you come up with an example that gives me a eureka moment.  Although it is a serious subject, you do make it fun (I wasn’t aware that was possible) and enjoyable.”  Dr John Smith, Aztec Oils, 3rd June 2020

Janet has created a fantastic online course with modules surrounding CLP”.  Lizi Jenkins, NextGen 360, 11th May 2020

And here’s Dr Karine Ellis of Colour Synthesis Solutions, our first trainee to complete CLP Mastery successfully by taking all of the quizzes for the modules relevant to her:

6th May 2020 “So, concerning the course, I am enjoying it , yes, I find it very interesting personally, to gain new knowledge on the rules and regulations…I am looking at SDS and labelling differently now…

So, we have gone through the modules, except Module 7. I am now doing the quizzes. I found that there are a good complement to the slides, I found that I usually don’t know the answers and need to go through the slides and additional documents again. And so, it is excellent practise. I found the mini-videos for Module 1 (Is your product legal) the ones that explains how to find the info on the websites was very useful.

1st July 2020: “Good morning and thank you Janet!  Just started Module 7… reading the tips for not getting overwhelmed about SDS was great, I feel much more relaxed in my role of compiler, and it made me understand it is OK not to know everything!


13th August 2020: “Very proud of having completed the CLP Mastery course from TT Environmental

We’re just thrilled for Karine!

She worked through CLP Mastery by taking every Wednesday afternoon to go through each module systematically, and has done everything online, so we know that moving our live training online has worked as we’d hoped (and even better, because you can cover more topics in more detail when you’re not under a time constraint).

Not only is Karine now classifying, labelling and compiling Safety Data Sheets much more confidently (and accurately), she’s done it in English, which is her second language.  Very impressive!

What’s included in CLP Mastery:

What you need to know first

All of the background information you need to be able to start your GHS journey, including:

  • the background to chemical classification systems
  • how GHS works
  • how GHS is different in the EU (CLP and REACH)
  • some problems with GHS in the EU and GB
Identify other relevant product regulations

Check which other regulations which can affect the information on your product label or SDS.

Do this once for your product range (or any new product types you add later).

Identify your product

How to tell if your product is a substance, mixture or article

Identifying your product under CLP:

  • Substance identification by name and number
  • Mixture identification by trade name and component substances
Check your product is legal

Is your product or its component substances banned or restricted in any way

Does it have liabilities under other chemical regulations such as REACH, PIC etc

Research your product

Don’t reinvent the wheel #1 – must you, or can you use a published classification?

Gather published classifications for your product or its component substances

Choose which published classification(s) to use

Research data if there are no useable published classifications

Classify your product from first principles

Use the product’s chemistry to screen out potential physical hazards

Use physical and chemical tests to classify physical hazards

Use animal or in vitro test data, read across or modelling to classify health and environmental hazards

Classify your product from its components

Applies to mixtures, or substances containing significant impurities

Use substance thresholds and algorithms for multiple substances to classify for health and environmental hazards

Generate the label and pack the product

Take the classification, and use it to produce the labelling information

Lay out the CLP (and any non-CLP) information on the label

Pack the product

Review existing Safety Data Sheets

Don’t reinvent the wheel #2  – check any existing SDSs for the product and its raw materials

Is it good quality?

What data must you use, or can you use, in your own SDS?

Compile the Safety Data Sheet

Compile the Safety Data Sheet using classification and labelling information, and other safety data

Issue the Safety Data Sheet to current and previous customers

Notify your product for CLP

If you are making or importing a substance, notify it to the Classification & Labelling Inventory (unless REACH registered)

If you are making or importing a mixture, does it need Poison Centre notification? (EU/GB/NI)

Keep your product up to date

What information may alter your product’s classification, where it comes from

When you need to update your product information

How to keep up to date with all the changes

Bonus 1: Course Maps

You have 5 course maps to choose from:

  • Existing substances
  • New substances
  • Mixtures
  • Articles
  • Complete course
Bonus 2: Knowledgebases

This is a HUGE bonus!

Two knowledgebases cover all of the classification system, the forms, decision documents, infographics etc in searchable format; and an explanation and links of relevant regulations and official guidance

Bonus 3: Facebook and LinkedIn Groups

Support through our private Facebook Group and LinkedIn Group just for CLP Mastery subscribers

Meet your fellow learners, ask questions

You are not alone on this course, we’re here for you!


THE CLP MASTERY Accountability programme

  • For people who are new to CLP/GHS, or who’d like the discipline of regular meetings to get through the course
  • We meet once a week via Zoom at 2:30pm UK time, on Wednesdays, and with a dedicated Slack channel for Accountability Programme members
  • Meet and learn from your fellow trainees
  • Group coaching and encouragement from Janet Greenwood (you still need to view the training videos, and do the quizzes, but with live support, question answering etc)
  • With the Accountability Programme, if you put in the work, you’re guaranteed to get through CLP Mastery in the 12 week time-frame
  • The fourth round of the Accountability Programme (26th January 2022 to 13th April 2022).  The cart is open – you can purchase it by clicking on the button below.
  • Once you’ve purchased CLP Mastery with the Accountability Programme, you’ll have full access to the Self-Serve option of CLP Mastery, and we’ll email you with your sign up details for the private Slack group and Zoom calls.  For more details on how the Accountability Programme works, see here.

The CLP Mastery system really does work.

Here’s Stuart Hutton, EHS and Regulatory Affairs Manager at CPG Europe, who attended a live course in 2018:

The context of the course has provided myself with the ability and competence to be able to relate this back to my organization and the software currently used to facilitate SDS formation; deciphering the complex algorithms of the software and how it establishes its conclusions.

Being able to produce the SDS the “old school” way (paper and pencil) I believe will stand be in good stead and is of particular importance in understanding the purpose and ultimately; potential consequences, of not being able to produce a compliant and relevant SDS.

Victoria Pearson, owner of Innoscent Wax Melts (now Starfall Scents) also came on a live course in 2018 said in 2020 “I seriously can’t thank you enough. Coming on that course with you has been the single best business decision I’ve ever made! You can quote me!

And Teresa Girasoli, formerly of FSi Ltd, who came on the first round of the Accountability Programme in Autumn 2020 said this:

“I was in charge of the Safety Data Sheet in my previous job. I had some basics knowledge on the matter, plus I learnt how to use a software. I had the feeling that the thing was much more complicated than that, and I started looking for a course. The SDS software house advised me to contact TT Environmental. It was the best advice ever. I discovered a world: not only I was able to perform my tasks and help my company since the first few minutes of videos, but I found out that I really like the regulatory affairs. This modular course makes you feel as though you’re taken by the hand and led deep into the very details of the CLP and REACh regulation. Janet accurately and kindly guides you through each step. The correction of the quizzes in the Zoom sessions is very helpful, I could really understand my mistakes and learn how to avoid them. Very recommended!!!”

— Teresa Girasoli

If you sign up and find the course isn’t what you need, or you don’t like it, we will fully refund you during the first 30 days, no questions asked.

We want everybody who takes the course to be happy that it’s the right thing for them to do.

Enrolment ends at 12 noon on Wednesday 22nd September 2021, with the first Accountability Programme Zoom meeting at 1:30pm the same day (because sometimes busy people leave things until the last moment!)

If you miss the deadline, you can either sign up for the Self Serve option of CLP Mastery, which is open every day, and upgrade for the Accountability Programme when it reopens, or go onto our VIP list for the next round.

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