Chemicals Coffee Time Newsflash, 18th April 2023

Dear Friend,

Happy Tuesday! Good news at last on the GB Mandatory Classification List, which has been stuck for ages.

Many thanks to Nicola Kaye of REACHLaw, who has spotted that the UK have notified the WTO of their intention to bring in 98 new Mandatory Classifications, with one being withdrawn.

She writes:

The HSE submitted notification G/TBT/N/GBR/60 to WTO on 5th April, with proposed amendments to the GB MCL and a corrigendum on 13 April due to transposition errors of EC / CAS numbers, with comments open until 4 June 2023. The notification affects 98 substances (including 1 deletion), with proposed adoption in Q4 2023 and mandatory entry into force Q4 2024 (voluntary during intervening period)

List in corrigendum is:

Thanks again to Nicola for this important news.

More to follow about this in Friday’s newsletter, but a sign that the massive backlog is clearing at last.

Kind regards,


Janet Greenwood

TT Environmental Ltd