Chemicals Coffee Time (Coronavirus Chemicals Update as was), 9th September 2022

Dear Friend,

What very sad news yesterday.

We all knew the day would come, but it seems to have happened so quickly that it does seem a bit of a shock, even though it was clear that Her Majesty was not in the best of health in the last few months. However, for the Queen herself, to be working until 2 days beforehand, the swiftness of her passing is a real blessing.

Her Majesty has been such a fixture in our national life here in the UK that we will inevitably feel adrift as we adjust to our new circumstances. It seems especially sad for the country to lose her just as we seem to be over the worst of the Coronavirus crisis and the various Lockdowns.

The funeral itself will also be particularly hard for those of us who have been bereaved during Lockdown and who were deprived of the chance to attend funerals or mourn our relatives and friends as we would have wished.

Yet I hope we can use her funeral to remember those we lost during Lockdown, as well as remembering Her Majesty, and that it will mark the time when the United Kingdom began to truly heal the wounds of Lockdown.

I-Yorkshire put this lovely poem online:

Phillip came to me today,
and said it was time to go.
I looked at him and smiled,
as i whispered that “I know”
I then turned and looked behind me,
and seen I was asleep.
All my Family were around me,
and I could hear them weep.
I gently touched each shoulder,
with Phillip by my side.
Then I turned away and walked,
with My Angel guide.
Phillip held my hand,
as he lead the way,
to a world where King’s and Queens,
are Monarch’s every day.
I was given a crown to wear
or a Halo known by some.
The difference is up here,
they are worn by everyone.
I felt a sense of peace,
my reign had seen its end.
70 years I had served my Country,
as the peoples friend.
Thank you for the years,
for all your time and love.
Now I am one of two again,
in our Palace up above.

Thank you, Ma’am, for your service. May you rest in peace and rise in glory.

Take care of yourself, your family, friends and colleagues during this period of mourning. The normal newsletter will resume next week.

Kind regards,


Janet Greenwood

TT Environmental Ltd